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In 2013, a young father could not find his daughter a perfect baby toy, he decided to invent one for her.

In 2015, after 2 years of trying, the very first 3D hollow silicone octopus teether toy finally was in market, and Mombella was founded. Mombella concentrated in getting baby's a perfect first toy, which can be safely put in the mouth, can be funny to play with, can massage gums to relieve teething itch and pain. And also, through stimulate sense of touch, hearing, sight to help with baby's fast brain development.

Now, Mombella has all kinds of silicone teething toys, for different ages, different stages of teething, and different functions. In Mombella, any baby is able to dins a perfect first toy that fits him, and if not, tell us, we make one for you !

With love and care, we do hope, every baby, may have a happy, healthy childhood, as any parent wishes.


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